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Bed & Breakfast in the historic center of Catania

the popular district

The current via Plebiscito ran through the outer part of the walls, inside which the medieval city had been concentrated, of which today only a few short sections remain, of which almost nothing remains, having been destroyed by the earthquake of 1693. via Plebiscito we find San Cristoforo, one of the most famous districts of Catania, the beating heart of the city.

One of the fundamental characteristics of Via Plebiscito is the frugal way of eating on the street, the so-called “arrusti” and “mangia”, a way to indicate roasted and consumed meat on the fly, without frills or concoctions.
A Spartan street food that knows no decline.

Its epicenter is via Plebiscito, a popular area in the historic center, where food service businesses are located at every step. Horsemeat and donkey meat are preferred. The meat is exposed in refrigerated counters, at sight: the customer chooses the piece he wants and from there the manager takes it and puts it to cook on the embers, also on the sidewalk.

Not to be missed for those who want to taste the real street food of Catania!

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